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It’s quite the experience to go through college and get your first taste of freedom and horny coeds. It’s a whole other thing to check out College Rules and see the sort of content they have when it comes to students and sex. As the drinks and parties flow through the campus halls, the girls get hornier, and eventually, someone gets naked, people start fucking. The biggest attraction inside this pornsite is the naked sexual babes and coeds. The wild up-close action is shown to you through the pictures and movies you get with your full membership.

One full movie inside can play for 30 minutes, depending on the scene. They have over 120 movies to the collection, an increase since we last saw them. If you lack the patience to sit through 30 minutes, there are clips that they offer. The clips are there for you to choose to skip some of the parts you consider unimportant. The quality of the DVD movies is remarkable since they have option from 360p resolution to 720p resolution.

Of course, some people will criticize the fact that the galleries aren’t that big, or that this pornsite only streams movies with no option to download. Yes, these are solid points, but the site is clearly trying to grow and if streaming only ain’t such a bad thing for you then you’ll have no complaints streaming all the movies. The online flash player has been placed just where you need it so that you can stream your movies. If you’re using normal/slow internet connection, the smaller files are better for you to stream since they will not take a century to load and play. As for the actual content here, then there is only one word to describe the activities…extraordinary!

Among the porn scenes, you will find voyeur coeds cheering on as one of their lovely friends gets fucked. You’ll see coeds sucking on cock or cunt, coeds in games where they get naked, loads of cum shot on tits and creampies. There is variety, enough to make sure that the hours you spend inside are adequately used up. One other thing that’s inside is the great photographs linked to the scenes that are update. The pictures show you all the variety of coeds that these guys have fucked in campus. The girls have bodies ranging from the fully formed asses and tits, petites, blondes, brunettes, short and flexible bodies. All the girls they show inside are young but stunning!

College Rules does have to be pretty special to bring in some attention in a very competitive market of coeds and young babe porn. The hardcore they have is exclusive; it’s being updated even If the pace is a bit slow. Basically, we feel that you’ll have tremendous fun once inside this coed pornsite if you can handle the few issues that the pornsite has.

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