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You have no idea what the pornsite called Czech Fantasy has to offer the members! This is because they definitely pulled a number on us when reviewing them for you. These guys have content that is a mixture of holes (we would have to say). You can see how different the material here is filmed when you login, all the smut movies they have are about exclusive content for you. They have something else to make things happy fun times for you, and that is about the 30+ pornsites they have as bonus. That will definitely make you spill something between your thighs for sure, but let’s get back to the fantasy of this pornsite.

First thing, the places that the movies here are filmed are real places that apparently exist, and they have real booths like these set up. The company is in charge of running the booths, and this is the official website to help promote them more. You are getting a place that has several holes in the walls, specific holes made to fit either a cock, or part half body of the girls. The walls that have holes with half the body of the girl on one side are at the perfect fuck height, or they are placed high enough for pussy licking. Its crazy really, very crazy. The holes that are for cocks are glory holes sense you may recognize.

But what is really keeping you here is the half-human-gloryhole sex that is filmed. It’s filmed in 1080p HD resolution. The ladies hanging half out of the walls are restrained. Their leg are spread and held in place by restraints. So, they can’t really go anyplace, and the pussy of the babes is licked, fingered, cummed on, fucked, and reused again by another horny guy. The dudes don’t mind taking turns and the babes clearly enjoy this.

So maybe you can also add gangbang into the variety of niche you get – (Don’t know, this one has us confused somewhat)! The format they use in uploading the clips is their own style. They make events, which have several clips and the clips are added as time goes on. So far the videos inside have 1080p, 720p HD options for media files wmv and mp4.

There are other choices to venture into. They describe themselves as having crowds of guys willing to fuck any holes they can and reach orgasm, and you will believe them after watching some movies here. The videos show both sides of the walls, and there are preview clips you can have. The website is simple designed. They don’t have many user-features to speak of either. Czech Fantasy gets to be astoundingly attractive to those looking for something more done to the glory hole concept.

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