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One thing we know is that maybe it did not look exactly like this when you were in college. But we still like to think that the website Dare Dorm shows us what it was like for many other more freaky students than you and us! These coed gals shown inside this site do sample many different kinds of dicks and these sampling are filmed and brought to you inside this site. The material inside this site is diverse with different things happening. In a lot of the content, you will see what it means to have fun parties and to have lots of sex. The site has the backing and support of one of the golden beaming wonderful networks around – Reality Kings.

You will find they have over one hundred and forty one movies in their arcade of porn material. The coeds do love to get naked when they are on party mode, there is a lot of drunkenness sure, and this always leads to blowjobs, hard sex in dorms, stripping, posing, and sexual games. The site is clear that all the material they have comes from user submission of actual parties and actual coeds in college filming their sexual mischief. So, when you do check out the movies you will find they have amateur films with first time gals and the camera may be a bit shaky or the quality sometimes a bit out of focus. All this increases the chances that they are telling the truth about the material being user submitted. Anyway, it still all makes the material they have very hot.

You will not find severe extreme fetish stuff inside this site, not the way they do things! You will find that the gals and the content is just normal, but what is there is an undeniable amount of fun and adventure being had that makes the content spontaneous and thrilling for you. Some of the games include keg stands, strip poker, strip games, and the likes. The coeds do have some sexual lesbian kissing and licking of boobs and we hope some even more serious lesbian fucking – we have yet to go through all the movies they have so you tell us if there are any suchlike content once you get inside. For the navigation features and site design, they have stuck with the basics. Nothing looks to be off-kilter so you will have an easy time inside.

One thing we saw is that members cannot have picture because these guys don’t offer zip files for the downloading of these pictures. We also would like to maybe see even more sex happening and some speed infused into the updating of the movies they have. Our conclusion however about Dare Dorm is still on a positive note because we do like what they have and the coed niche they have. There is something here and we recommend you give it a try!

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