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One of the greatest gifts a guy from the 50’s could ever receive would be an adult magazine that exhibits all of the hottest chicas in the said epoch. Until now, it has become a trend for men to buy adult magazines from their favorite manly stores together with their bros, talking about all of their hoes. What’s even better is that the magazine industry has exploited the digital world, making better versions of their product, not only limited to motionless pictures but invading the video world. One of the greatest to note would be a formidable foe of Playboy that goes by the name of Let’s scope a bit by reviewing this relatively modern digital creation.

A major determinant in choosing a porn site would be its precedent forms. I know that sounds very formal, but I don’t really think there is a better way to put it. In the case of magazine companies that have made an edge in their existence across the years, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to be considered by avid digital porn fanatics. This is why it didn’t come to my surprise knowing that upon the opening of the digital Penthouse portal, they were able to almost automatically garner a sub rate of 5,000 per day, summing up now to a tentative total of 600,000 subscribers across the archipelago. And with that comes more models from different continents not only limited to Europe, but also in some parts of Asia, more in America and others in South Africa, where you could never expect some of the greatest sex divas can actually be found. houses over 25,000 videos and all of this they were able to form in a short span of right around 10 years. But don’t get me wrong, three quarters of this size actually are rooted from different affiliate sites of the company and all the exclusives are separated in the specials section, dedicated merely for the subscribers. There are categories that can be used to filter a user’s search action and each video would range from around 20 to 50 minutes of run time. You can also filter the search on a model name basis and get to know your favorite celebs more.

They do allow unlimited downloads in the Penthouse and the photo galleries should also not be missed because they are just upright supreme. No doubt, it retains a site rating of 9.6 out of 10.

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