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Just a few days ago, Simple Pickup has finally released its latest videos, which garnered more than 4 million views in just a few days. The topic blow jobs. They hired real porn stars for that who came side by side with non-porn star girls who want to get advice on how to properly suck a man’s dick. So that kind of triggered me to writing a review of one of the most outrageous blowjob type porn sites of today, which is just as crazy as its name sounds. It’s the ultimate Throated.

The real juice in this porn site would be the dick. It would be the symbol to greatly represent the very essence of the porn company. But it would be nothing without its complementing force which is the woman’s face with such a surprisingly talented mouth with superb mastication skills for eating that wonderful dick. The length really matters here as well as the width because the more they are tighter in the woman’s mouth, the more they are on point to the throat, the more the dick is able to make the woman choke, the more amazing the feeling really is. What better wonders could there be in the world other than all the women who are so hungry to give a blowjob just to make themselves feel good? As for the story lines, the deal episodes come uniquely with different onsets and outres. There are times the video begins with a mall fluke of a meetup while there are others that are friendship type videos where they suddenly realize they want more and it is purely predicated by lust and all of them are happy in the end. may seem really new in the adult videos arena, but don’t ever be deceived by its infancy because the videos here are nothing less than outrageously fun. The site currently holds over 1,200 videos, 500 being exclusives from the company itself while the rest are from other sites of the same niche, meticulously selected for an experience that is not diminished. These are 10-minute types of up-to-throat blowjob videos with bonus sex scenes and exhibitions that would really fuel your horniness to an oozing sensation.

Throated has never failed to win me over when it’s all about delivering the best kind of blowjob videos. For something that truly serves its purpose and self-asserted genre, its successful deserves all the accolades it can get from the AVNs.

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