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Making the most out of life, you have to go all out because anything less than a massive risk is as good as a meaningless life. Move on, paddle on, swim farther and farther from the shores that you’ve always known. Forget the shells and pebbles. Go for the corals. Venture out into the ocean, where everything is unfamiliar, scary, painful, and wonderful all at the same time. Deep as this may sound, creators of porn sites, many of them actually, take inspiration from their experiences and realizations in the determination of their online sensual venture. That goes to the story of WTF Pass.

There are many episodes in this porn sites that tell us how so that when you get hurt, don’t keep yourself standing on the shoreline, unsure of where you are and afraid to let your feet get wet. Swim. Swim farther and farther, until you get to your destination. Don’t be afraid of the waves. Don’t swim away from it, swim with it. Be the wave. Because the same principle applies in having sex with someone, just submit yourself into the currents for you will come to realize that you can actually surpass them as a storm. This is where the hardcore nature of the videos in WTF comes from. With it being a PASS site, you can expect no less than a massive amount of videos to be had. All the content here are on HD mode and the streaming experience is made much more easier, fun and fast by the latest tube player integration of the site.

WTF Pass is the storm as much as it is the turbulence. It is the ocean, and endless sea of blues and greens. It is the one that makes the ripples, which come to be the waves, calm and firm. This is the kind of storm so unbeatable and unbreakable. With super high quality and truly profound porn videos, there is no place for disappointments. 1,200 plus vids and all of them rendered in the most vivid form of HD aesthetics mixed with magical story writing, a beautiful cast and so many other surprises in between, it is the total package you have always been rooting for.

WTF Pass is the best of its kind by sharing across its member base all the gems of the industry and the songs unsung. This is where quantity truly meets the very essence of quality.

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